Day 5 | 7 Day Raw Diet | Day 2

27 Jun

Morning Weigh In: 185.6

I ate a lot today…

I had a nasty headache almost all day, it subsided around 8pm. I am not sure if it has anything to do with the diet. I have been having Continue reading

Day 4 | 7 Day Raw Diet | Day 1

25 Jun


Morning Weigh In: 185.6

Hummus! Mmmm. Went shopping about bought all I will ned for a few days. Made hummus. The day went very well. I spent most of the my free time preparing food.

I walk 40 minutes today. I found wild Continue reading

Day 3 | 3 Day Diet | Day 3

24 Jun


Morning Weigh In: 187.0

Again the diet wasn’t as hard as it was last time, Maybe it has something to do with me having the flu for 4 days… Who knows. I just remember absolutely hating this diet last time around. I was hungry Continue reading

Day 2 | 3 Day Diet | Day 2

23 Jun


Morning Weigh In: 187.8

Nice start! Today was a pretty good day… I feel like I remember this day being hard, but I kept pretty busy and the day flew by. I had had a bike ride today, just under 30 minutes cause the bike I was using is crap and the tires were close to flat and my legs were in pain. I woke up Continue reading

Day 1 | 3 Day Diet | Day 1

22 Jun


Morning Weigh-in: 190.6

I actually woke up really early today for no reason, 6 am rolled around and I was ready for the day. being up so early was worrying since Continue reading

Flu Day 6 : Good News!

20 Jun

I missed a day at one point, I’m not sure how, but I did.. Sorry… So I am feeling much better now… Thank goodness/God. I have decided that too much time has passed, and that getting back on the 3rd diet would ruin the original idea and plan of the one month crash diet plan/idea.


I am going to Start it all over again..! I know, I sound like a glutten for punishment, but I can do it. I am looking forward to the raw diet again!

Starting tomorrow, 1monthcrashdiet is a go!


Flu Day 4

19 Jun